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Integrative Medicine in Durham 

  My Durham practice integrates the holistic orientation of traditional Chinese medicine with other forms of traditional herbal medicine, acupuncture, bodywork and a thorough understanding of western bio medicine, thus providing complete care. Rooted in philosophy, diagnosis, treatment and methodology that arose out of observing health, imbalance and the nature of health for millenia, my sessions draw on thousands of years of documented acupuncture and herbal knowledge. I utilize empirical knowledge, research based data and Taoist principles to cultivate harmony and balance in my approach to healing and health. The four year master's degree program I attended, was located in California, where acupuncturists are also primary care providers. Our training included a third of the program in western medicine and we were encouraged to work in conjunction with western medical providers ensure the safety and efficacy of both systems.


I'm trained in Chinese herbal medicine and I carry and primarily prescribe Evergreen Herbs proprietary and classical Chinese formulas that are cleanly sourced and GMP certified in their safety. Whether through adding herbs in, or discussing nutrition, we will discover ways that your diet and eating habits are and aren't working for you.  I support you to getting more connected to eating in a way that is linked with the seasons and with your own constitution, I consider myself a flexitarian in terms of diet recommendations but they are almost always are based on centering whole, local, seasonal and heritage foods. 


My training also includes vitalist European and indigenous herbal medicine, herbal healing modalities that are female centered and rooted in treating family and community. I work primarily with customized Chinese herbal formulas and pills and easy to take, locally grown herbal medicine such as decoctions, tinctures to find what is right for you. At my clinic I carry some locally made tinctures and herb blends because it's important to me to support local business people and also to connect as much as possible to the plants grown and medicine made right here in the North Carolina.



Photo of Acupuncture Supplies for a Session
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