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Photo of Ocean Waves at the Beach

  The intention of my practice is create a space for healing that respects, cultivates and holds a deep connection with the earth and original, indigenous ways of healing, being and knowing. Chinese medicine and all the paradigms I'm privledged to work in, find that there is no disconnect between body, mind and emotions and this truth is reflected in my practice. Healing cultivates the ground for our fully human experience. Spirit, and one's relationship to themselves are at the root of healing all dis-ease.  I endeavor to cultivate a brave space within and across difference and see working holistically as part of deeply healing our relationships to ourselves, our families, the planet, with each other, in community. 


 I welcome and embrace the complexities of working with the all of the human experience as it relates to expression of age, sex, gender, sexual orientation, ancestry, religion, spirituality, class and ethnicity and do not discriminate.

Isé orí ran mi ni mon se 
Ònà Òrìsà la fún mi ni mon to

It is the errand which Orí (higher self) sent me that I am running ~
It is the path which Òrìsà (divine forces of nature ) laid out for me that I am following~


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