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Tara is the ABSOLUTE BEST. She knows so much, is wise and kind and funny and warm. She's helped me a ton with my anxiety and pain. Really can't recommend her enough. So glad I found her. ~Kate, Chapel Hill


"good health news about a black person: ME

For 7 months I've had a chronic cough, went to several doctors at Kaiser, an allergist, primary care doc, ENT specialist, Pulmonologist but they didn't know what was happening- I mean they even said that that they didn't know. I fired my first doctor just so I could get the referrals I wanted. Had a CT scan, several chest exrays, allergy tests...given an inhaler and other meds, no help. Went to two acupuncturists and was given herbs in pill form that didn't help. Finally I was offered a video consult from an acupuncturist/herbalist who is also an elder in the Orisa tradition, a priest of Obatala. Without physically examining me, only through an oral assessment and looking at my tongue over video diagnosed me correctly on the FIRST consult, she prescribed herbs that I took in warm water. told me to stop eating certain things and after 7 moths of interrupted sleep, fatigue, coughing and spitting up, I"m happy to say that afer 3 weeks I'm 85% better. I can sleep through the night without coughing and spitting up. Thanks you Tara...and Maferefum Obatala, I'm so so grateful" 

Phoenix, Oakland Ca

"I came to Tara with burnout/exhaustion and some physical symptoms that, under Chinese medicine, turned out to all be related. Tara tied it all together for me and then gave me a series of acupuncture sessions. My symptoms cleared up rapidly and I felt renewed. She was kind, gentle, and took the time to answer all my questions. I look forward to getting help from Tara again the next time I need it!"

Andrew, San Francisco

"I've received both acupuncture and consultations from Tara for herbal remedies for a chronic condition that I have been dealing with for a while. Tara Bianca's recommendations proved to be spot on and I've seen great changes in my health since starting to follow both her herb and dietary recommendations. Absolutely recommend"

Michael, San Franciso

"I worked with Tara for acupuncture and general Chinese medicine/herbal remedies. She has a depth of knowledge of the human body, physically and spiritually, that is unsurpassed. She listens closely to what you and your body have to say, and gives treatments in a loving and supportive manner. I highly recommend her!" Omidina, Oakland

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