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People and Practices I Love

Over the course of many years, for my my own healing and development, I've had the privilege to experience the benefit of  various forms of healing , holistic and traditional practices.  Please check out and enjoy these links to some of my favorites practitioners, podcasts and websites and their offerings:

*Dr Aviva Romm has a great website full of resources,, her podcast is called Natural MD Radio.

* For information on nutrient dense, diets that are therapeutic to the microbiome, the nervous system and mental health:

*Hypnotherapy: Andrew Michael Nolan of Toronto Hypnotherapy  or Spring Haughton of Brooklyn Hypnotherapy, both work at a distance.


*Career, transitions and life coaching: Kris Gleason  incredibly talented coach and social-emotional genius.

For excelent, relaxing massage, including prenatal work, check out the women at Restoring Balance in Chapel Hill.

For therapeutic massage in Durham, take a book with Daniel Holland at Dnamic Massage and Bodywork, LLC


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