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Special Pricing Options

I have several ways that I price for my patients. If you commit to working with me in a series of 6, or need to come in weekly or biweekly, after your first appointment, you are welcome to purchase a package of five treatments, called the Return Acupuncture package for $375, this drops the price of return appointments from $90 to $75, with a total savings of $75.  Previously, this package didn't have an end date but now you'll need to complete your sessions within seven weeks. If you need more time for returns, extra bodywork or want to work on several issues at once,you are welcome to purchase the Extended Return package, which consists of two 90 minute sessions and three regular 60 minute returns for $425, with a total savings of $85. I'll let you know which, if any package, is right for situation. 



Turning Breech Treatment: In this session we will do a full intake, treatment and I will teach you or your partner how to use moxa for 10 days to stimulate baby turning, best started between 33-36 weeks, optimally by 34 weeks~cost is $100.



Pregnancy intake and labor stimulation: If you see me more than once a week to stimulate labor or lactation, you are welcome to the biweekly treatment discount, where I reduce returns from $85 to $70.



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