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Photo of Tara Bianca Rado Acupuncturist

  Lead Acupuncturist in the practice, Tara received her Master's degree at the Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College in Berkeley, and my Bachelor's at UC Berkeley in Medical Anthropology. She started studying community herbalism in the 1990s and worked as a massage therapist specializing in Asian style bodywork and orthopedic massage for 20 years before transitioning to acupuncture, herbal medicine and bodywork full time.  She loves working with patients one on one as well as in community settings and really try to tailor sessions to bring in what each patient needs.

In the practice, Tara does not separate body from emotions from spirit, and draws from her whole life in her healing work. From studies of various forms of medicine,  spirituality, poetry, music, dance and travel and she enjoys bringing resonance, connectivity and celebration to this work and she encourage patients to do the same, guiding them to find levity, humor, comfort and joy in their healing process. In doing this work, from acupuncture to herbs to bodywork, Tara is grateful to have the opportunity to fully show up as herself a curious, diligent researcher who aims to bring compassion, heart and humor to each session.


     Tara believes in making sure all kinds of populations access acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. She treats in Portuguese and Spanish and has worked through her career in choosing to align with projects and organizations that bring holistic health into more accessible public health spaces. Most recently, she transformed her private practice, Tara Bianca Rado Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine into this 501c3 non-profit organization, Durham Integrative Health and Acupuncture center, moving to officially offer a sliding scale. Previously she volunteered monthly at Caare in downtown Durham with folks in recovery and under-served elders, among other volunteer projects.  Tara loves working with the LGBTQ community and is educated on the healthcare aspects of gender transition and de-transition and respectful of the full diversity of gendered and sexed expression.

Attention is the beginning of devotion ~ Mary Oliver


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